What Parents are saying….

Your team truly has a gift at making all the kids feel so proud of their motor achievements and class so fun! Thank you for guiding a shy child like Adelaide and helping her love exercise and outdoor playtime.
— Sarah - Mom of 3 year old
Thank you for the wonderful energy and activities. Our Jumpin’ Gymsters birthday party was a hit and it made me so happy to see all the kids having such a great time. The activities exceeded my expectations!
— Julie, Mom of 4 year old
We love and adore everything Jumpin’ Gymsters!
— Elizabeth, Mom of 4 year old and 7 year old
Jumpin’ Gymsters day is my favorite day of the week because its the only day my kid jumps out of bed to get ready without a fight and I’m on time for work:)
— Jake, Dad of 3 year old
My 5 year old son has been in Jumpin’ Gymsters since he was two and I can’t express enough how much we love this program and what it provides for him and all kids. The coaches are so in tuned with each kid and we love popping in to watch our son’s class!
— Matt, Dad of 5 year old
Colin loves Jumpin’ Gymsters Camp so much! The coaches treat the kids like they’re family and are so fun and silly.
— Connie, Mom of 6 year old and 2 year old