Jumpin' Gymsters!

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What parents are saying...

what schools are saying...

Thank You! Thank You! Jonah cannot stop talking about how much fun he had at his Jumpin’ Gymsters baseball party!
— Liz, parent of 7 year old

In my 11 years of working with children I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of people offering classes and events to kids. I can honestly say that Carol is one of the best, most engaging, and patient people I have ever met. I have watched the child I take care of blossom in not only his gross motor skills but also his confidence and connection to his body. Carol is silly, playful, and the joy she gets from her work is infectious. We all look forward to jumping gymsters every
week. Thanks for all the hard work Carol! We love you!
-Kaycie Crossley, Nanny

We had Jumpin’ Gymsters party for our son’s 3rd birthday party and it was fantastic! The kids could not get enough. And the great thing is that it’s super fun for the kids but they’re also learning how to use their bodies in new ways. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
— Kim, parent of a 3 year old

We feel like Jumpin’ Gymsters is just an extension of our own team. They have proven to be incredibly reliable, diligent, responsible and easy to communicate with. I have experienced a steady, high level of professionalism at every turn and I’ve truly enjoyed partnering with them.
 — Erin Hennigan, Head of School
LePort School Mid-Market San Francisco, CA

Jumpin’ Gymsters has offered their program to Grand Lake Montessori for 9 years. Their warmth and attention to detail make this program superior to other programs. They communicate with parents in a timely manner and are always prepared. I recommend this program to any setting seeking a quality experience for children.
— Helen Campbell, Head of School
Grand Lake Montessori Oakland, CA