Jumpin' Gymsters Classes are offered at Bay Area schools as an enrichment program or after school program.  If you would like to see Jumpin' Gymsters at your child's school, send us a note at info@jumpingymsters.com


18 months-2 years 

Through observing a child's natural abilities, we focus on balance, coordination and strength using equipment such as balance beams and foam wedges.  As their confidence grows, we incorporate variations of these activities to challenge those movements.  


2-6 years

As body awareness becomes clearer, we focus on teamwork and strengthening fundamental skills; jumping higher, running faster and climbing.  We love to run through a good obstacle course using agility ladders, hurdles, stepping stones and one of our favorites, a large foam cylinder we call the Hot Dog.



6-9 years

Fine tuning our fundamental movements by challenging ourselves through strength training, agility drills and teamwork skills.